About Us

Who We Are

Our resistance bands are the most versatile, effective and affordable training solution on the market today. And what's more, when you shop with Empower, you don't just get resistance bands.

Empower was founded by two best friends from Northern Ireland who share a passion for working out. We both frequently trained with resistance bands and became aware of something.

Resistance bands are an incredible training tool; the world just doesn't know it, yet.

Our mission is simple. Share our knowledge and passion of resistance band training with you. Whether you workout at home, are part of a sports team, or go to the gym - we have you covered.

What are you waiting for? Join us and Take Control of your fitness today by getting yourself some top quality resistance bands and following us on Instagram.


We believe that every company has a responsibility to protect our environment. That is why every package we ship is sent in a No Issue 100% Compostable Mailer bag. When you are finished unpacking your bands, make sure to pop your mailer bag in your food waste bin or compost pile.

Every time we buy packaging from No Issue, we plant a tree. And coming soon, every time you buy from us, we will support reforestation too. Watch this space!