8 Week Strength and Conditioning Routine

Developing your strength and conditioning doesn't need to be expensive. Yes, most articles you read will refer to conditioning routines that require lots of gym equipment like squat racks, barbells, weight plates, prowlers.... and the list goes on.

Not this one! All you need to complete this 8 week resistance band routine are a few Empower resistance bands. 

The 8 Week Routine

The routine consists of 4 phases, each lasting 2 weeks. During each phase you should record your times and resistance bands used as you will be looking to measure your progress as you complete subsequent phases. 

The 2 Week Blocks

The following 8 workouts should be completed over a 2 week period. Aim to complete no more than 2 days of workouts without a rest day in between. 

The routine features a variety of strength and metabolic conditioning routines as shown below.

Workout Body Part
1 Legs / Core 
2 Full Body MetCon
3 Chest / Arms
4 Fully Body MetCon
5 Back
6 Full Body MetCon
7 Shoulders / Core
8 Full Body MetCon


Equipment Required

To complete this 8 week routine we recommend you have the below equipment:

Additionally, you may wish to upgrade to the below, if you are:

Workout 1

Complete exercises 1 to 4 focusing on slow and controlled movement, taking rest as needed to maintain quality. After you complete the first 4 exercises, move on to super setting movements 5a to 5d. This is where you perform the exercises one after another, without a rest in between. To finish, you will aim to accumulate a 3 minute plank pausing the clock whenever you break form. 

Ref Exercise Sets x Reps
1 Back Squat (3 sec pause) 4 x 12
2 Single Leg Lunge 3 x 15
3 Deadlift 4 x 12
4 Deadlift High Pull 3 x 20
5a Bulgarian Split squat 4 x 12
5b Alternate Curtsey Squat 4 x 12
5c Glute Bridge Extension 4 x 12
5d 30 Second Wall Sit 4 x 1
6 Plank 1 x 1


Workout 2

Mark a point 50m away, this will be your half way line. Start on the exercise 1 and complete all 100 reps before moving onto 2, 3 and 4.

You may pause for a rest at any stage, but when you do, you must run to the 50m marker and back. Each time you complete your 100th rep, you also need to run to the 50m marker and back. 

Ref Exercise
1 Thrusters
2 Pushups
3 Deadlift
4 Overhead Squat


Workout 3

Complete exercises 1 to 3, focusing on slow and controlled movements. Once complete, superset 4a and 4b with the same resistance on both movements. Lastly, complete 3 circuits of movements 5a to 5g with 1 minute rest in between each set. Use a light resistance and focus on explosive movement. 

Ref Exercise Sets x Reps
1 Reverse Fly 4 x 15
2 Banded Press-Up 3 x 15
3 Decline Press-Up 2 x Max
4a Pec Fly
4 x 20
4b Tricep Extension
5a Alternate V-Ups
3 x 30
5b Bicep Curl
5c Chest Press
5d Hammer Curl
5e Shoulder Taps
5f Bicep Curl
5g Alternate V-Ups


Workout 4

Complete each exercise for 1 minute before moving to the next and aim to perform 5 rounds of this circuit. Adjust the resistance accordingly to ensure you keep your rep tempo consistent throughout.

Sumo Deadlift High Pull
Push Press
Face Pulls
Alternate Knee to Elbow Plank


Workout 5

Complete exercises 1 to 4 focusing on slow and controlled movement. Exercises 5a and 5b are a superset for which you should use the same resistance. 6a to 6c are to be performed in a circuit for 5 rounds with burpees in between each exercise. Increase burpees by 1 after each round; so by the last round you will perform 5 burpees after 6a, 6b and 6c. 

Ref Exercise Sets x Reps
1 I's/Y's/T's 3 x 8
2 Bent Over Row 4 x 12
3 Lateral Pulldown/Pull-ups 3 x 20
4 3 Sec Decline Deadlift 4 x 12
5a Reverse Fly
4 x 15
5b Bicep Curl
6a Banded Overhead Swing 5 x 15
6b Jumping Lunges 5 x 20
6c Thruster 5 x 15


Workout 6

Start with a 1km run. As soon as you finish, complete as many rounds as you can of the 3 exercises below in 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, run another 1km. Keep a note of your combined run time and the amount of rounds you were able to complete.

Exercise Reps /  Distance
Run 1km
Burpees 5
Jumping Lunges 10
Thrusters 15
Run 1km


Workout 7

Complete exercises 1 to 4 focusing on slow and controlled movement. Exercises 4a and 4b are a superset for which you should aim to use the same resistance. 5a to 5d are to performed in a circuit. Start a timer and perform 5a to 5d in turn at the start of each minute. Rest the remainder of the minute. Add 1 rep each round and finish when you fail to complete the target reps within a minute.

Ref Exercise Reps
1 Reverse Fly 4 x 15
2 Military Press 3 x 12
3 Single Arm Arnold Press 3 x 10
4a Banded Overhead Swing
4 x 10
4b Side Raise
5a Deadlift High Pull
5b Banded Hang Clean
5c Banded Clean and Press
5d Overhead Squat


Workout 8

Complete one round of all movements for the prescribed number of reps. In the background have a timer going. Every time the timer hits a new minute, you need to perform that number of burpees before continuing.

Example: You are performing the circuit shown below and your timer hits 3 minutes. You stop performing the circuit, perform 3 burpees, and then return to the circuit.

Your score is the total amount of time taken to complete all movements, including burpees.

Exercise Reps
Alternating Jumping Lunges 60
Banded Thrusters 30
Alternating V-Ups 30
Burpee Tuck Jump 15
Alternating V-Ups 30
Banded Thrusters 30
Alternating Jumping Lunges 60

Let Us Know How You Get On

We hope you enjoy this workout routine and would love to hear how you get on. Make sure to follow us on @empower_sandc on Instagram; we'd love to see a post of you giving this a go.

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